Fresh Flowers Daily For Buyers

Every day is not an ordinary day for VBA. Flower suppliers from different parts of the world
gather in one place to sell their harvested flowers. Through VBA system, flower shops can
place their bid online or on-site for these colourful flowers. Our trading facility allows daily
transactions to happen smoothly without any delay. Since 1899, VBA has been a major
player in the flower market. VBA’s reputation is also untainted due to their quality checks and
adherence to consumer’s right. If you need flowers to sell to your shop, there’s no other
place like VBA in Aalsmeer. VBA also ensures fast and hassle-free transactions because
flowers and plants are time sensitive products. The facility also provides a great environment
for these products, so they can retain their vibrant colour and fresh appearance.

VBS Reputable Suppliers

VBS has the responsibility to ensure that every supplier meets with the standards of flower
auctioning. Every type of deception is not allowed may it be online or onsite. Our suppliers
are forbidden to post deceiving images of their products to ensure that customer will get
what they paid for. The list of suppliers we have on hand also participate in big events like
the Amsterdam Heineken experience. They are reputable and has been doing business for
five years or more. VBS’s suppliers adhere to Phytosanitary regulations with certificates.
These extra measures are necessary to guarantee the sanitation and safety of plants prior to
selling them into the public market. Their registration number can be found on our database.

Largest Variety of Flowers

Our customers can benefit from our great collection of flowers they could choose from. All
the crowd favourites such as Carnation, Roses, Daisies, Tulip, Daffodils, Gerbera, Iris, and
Magnolia are abundant in VBS. There are 400,000 species of plants in the world, and it is
difficult to gather them in one place. But we are proud to bring you the largest variety of
flowers in one place to complete your collection. They are harvested daily and have the
freshest quality. Purchasing flowers are also made easy through our organized auction
arrangement. Finding the rarest flower has never been easy with VBS. If you are not
satisfied, visit us directly. The auction is quite the van Gogh Museum Amsterdam in nature.
There will be a lot of colour and species of plant to choose from. However, if you have no
time to be at the auction personally, you may check our digital marketplace and be
astounded of what’s in store for you.

Fair Market Value

Pricing could change depending on the season as most of the flowers bloom in their
preferred season and climate. But don’t worry because VBS stands in the way of
overpricing. We ensure that you are getting the best price. VBS determines the right pricing
based on supply and demand of each species. You no longer have to worry about chaotic
transactions as if you are in Amsterdam zoo. VBS is the expert of flower auctioning, and we
hold the auction with fairness.