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Training Programs for Flower Growers

VBS would be non-existent if were for the flower growers who continually work with us to bring fresh flowers in the market daily. In return, we offer training programs to aspiring flower growers, so they too can be successful in the flower business. Our training programs are designed to help flower growers at all levels. They’ll learn how to produce more vibrant flowers compared to the traditional process in flower growing. VBS provides them with well-researched materials to help them innovate. Currently, VBS has 3,000 flower growers who are active participants of our daily auctions. We are hoping to have more flower growers who could work with us and bring more fresh flowers to the market.

Supporting the Horticulture Society

Horticulture has never been more significant, especially we are living in the age of globalization. It has created more demands around the world. Horticulture needs to keep up with the high demand while ensuring the quality of harvested plants. VBS has been active in supporting the horticulture society. We believe that horticulture is essential for us to have a sustainable future. Plant species have been stable in terms of numbers. Thanks to Horticulture for making it possible.

Hydroponics Research Group

VBS research group find ways on how we can make planting possible in cities covered in stone walls. The soil has decreased in numbers due to the relentless construction of buildings and residence. One of the solutions that VBS is eyeing at is hydroponics. Through hydroponics system, it is possible to plant without soil. However, many growers are still not comfortable using the new technique of planting. VBS is still making an effort to improve hydroponics systems to make it more efficient and cheaper.