How to Start A Flower Garden

How to Start A Flower Garden

A flower garden is common in Amsterdam city trip. Don’t let their looks deceive you. The flower gardens are so pleasing to the eyes, but they are surely backbreaking daily activities.  If you are passionate about gardening and thinking of having your very own flower garden, we have prepared you a list of to-dos.


Most flower growers start with a grown plant and propagate them afterwards through the stemming process. But if you have no access to the flowery plant you like to be in your garden, you can buy seeds instead. Go and rent a bike from Amsterdam bike rental. Go to the nearest shop and buy some seeds. Seedlings should be kept in a shady place. Too much light kills the seed. Once the sprout becomes visible, you may now ready them for planting.

Planting Sprouts

Sprouts are delicate. Make sure you are handling them with extra care. Place the sprouts on the spot you want them to grow by making a shallow hole just big enough for their roots.

Keep in mind the right soil to use. Flowers thrive in soft soil. Their roots are normally
delicate, so they won’t thrive in hard soil. Their roots will have a hard time growing and will eventually wither if you use the wrong soil.

Proper Watering

Always remember that you should avoid flooding the flowers with water. It will end up killing them and will cause issues like root rot. Just water them sparingly. Flowers don’t have strong roots, unlike other plants. They need just the right “moist”. You can use a water sprayer and moisten their leaves without putting too much water on the roots.


Maintenance is quite backbreaking. Don’t worry, you can stop renting a bik in Amsterdam if you will get everything you need for your garden maintenance. Maintenance would require some pruning, harvesting of flowers, planting another batch, and so on. You don’t need expensive tools. The tools you use at home are good enough. So most likely, you will just need a sufficient supply of fertilizers.